Broker of Digital Printing,
Graphic Machinery,
Valuer, Consultant &
Proprietor of David
Coleman & Associates

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Now in my 53rd year as a Professional Used Print Machinery Salesman / Valuer / Broker, if any of your clients are looking to buy or sell used Graphic / Digital / Litho Print Machinery I normally pay a 10% intro commission. If you have time please visit my 65 Liquidation & Bankruptcy store on Ebay also if you have any equipment for disposal.

A brief resume of some of the Corporate Companies I have acted for and on behalf of during my career include British Gas, Maximum realisation and disposal on site at Leicester of all Print and Graphic Machinery previously used to produce all In House Printing for British Gas UK Total figure realised £245,300.00.

Royal Bank of Scotland on site Edinburgh UK, identical exercise to British Gas Total realisation £275,800.00.

Great Universal Stores UK, Nottingham, identical exercise to British Gas Total Realisation £227,400.00

HMSO Norwich, disposal of office furniture in Multi Story Office Block, Basildon Essex. Non disclosure.

Collection and disposal agent for shop, office and Print Machinery for Birmingham & North on behalf of Mercantile

Credit Company, London UK, also involved some underwriting and valuations.

Collection and disposal agent, identical role as Mercantile acting on behalf of Standard Chartered Trust, Cardiff UK (Previously Julian Hodge)

Welbeck Leasing Watford UK
Tramp Leasing Tunbridge Wells UK
North West Securities, Chester & Glasgow UK
Hamilton Leasing Manchester & London UK